Exhibition Exeter Library

1st February – 30th March 2016


In the display cases at Exeter Library original prints created by printmakers from many different countries will be shown. You will find them in the foyer and upstairs. There will feedback forms available, you can also email catherine[at]catherinecartwright.co.uk

On 25th January staff from Exeter Library gathered to choose from over 170 original prints the artworks that will go in the cases at the library. The prints covered the massive table but they methodically went through and absorbed each and everyone. Disappointingly prints were placed in a ‘no’ pile to reduce it to the 45 prints that would go in the cases.

I asked them how they were motivated to choose… one staff member said that she was drawn to the prints with arabic writing. Another staff member said that her favourite was Anita Klein’s Reading Under the Bedcovers because it was so evocative of the excitement she had felt as a child, reading on after lights out.

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